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Apollonia is an imagined Sicilian bandits’ drinking den paying homage to the life, love and tragedy of Apollonia Vitelli.

2021 Finalist

full marketing services apollonia

Welcome to the world of Apollonia.

The brain child of self-confessed Godfather fan Jason Williams (Singapore’s 28 Hong Kong Street), the beverage director of House Made Hospitality.

Old-world romance, lively drinking, a dash of the dramatic, and plenty of dark Italian cocktails.


A drinking den to pay homage to the life & tragedy of The Godfather’s Apollonia Vitelli.

Distil brand development for Apollonia


Distil developed the visual identity for Apollonia to communicate the experience of the venue – some mystery, some drama, some fun & lots of love. The custom illustrations, logos, fonts & colour palette all follow a dramatic & bold approach.

new brand identity apollonia

Bold designs. Mysterious animations. Striking stories.

These bold designs are incorporated in all aspects of the social media strategy. Mysterious animations featuring scenes from The Godfather, striking social media Stories, and a straightforward website all tell the tale of romance & tragedy.

logo design & brand development apollonia
Distil Apollonia ice cube design