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Bar Soluna

A micro Spanish deli & tapas bar influenced by the coastal town of Sitges.

Primary Dark LS

Fresh Produce.
Authentic Flavour.

Bar Soluna - Micro Deli & Tapas Eatery

Sol • Sun, Luna • Moon
[ bar so-loo-na ]

A premium hole-in-the-wall deli and wine bar inspired by the Spanish coastal town, Sitges. Serving up rich coffee roasts and authentic Spanish small plates of locally-sourced, fresh produce, paired with an exclusive wine selection from the region.



Develop a branding suite for a small, high-end Spanish Deli and Tapas Restaurant influenced by Spain.


As the name suggests, we aimed to cultivate a lively, refined brand oozing taste, intimacy and opulence. We pride ourselves on our locally-sourced, fresh produce, rich coffee roasts, exclusive wine selection paired with authentic Spanish small plates.

Slinging sangria from dawn til dusk, this hidden gem is the go-to neighbourhood bar. The locals are like family, and explorers are welcomed with open arms - we always find a seat for hungry. 


Creative Direction.

The brand was influenced by the vibrant, coastal town Sitges located just outside Barcelona. The identity encapsulates the beautiful Spanish architecture featuring ornamental archways and secret cobblestone laneways. Illustrative elements inspired by an organic simplicity of the afternoon sunlight casting moody silhouettes across the back bar. A brand that was playful yet refined, thoughtful yet natural and at-ease. Celebrating cultural differences by capturing the unique, expansive offerings of the Spanish region.

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