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Goodness Bake

Packaging design


Goodness Bake - 100% Gluten Free and & 100% flavourful

Distil was engaged to work on the new packaging design for Goodness Bake's range of gluten free products ahead of their launch at Harris Farm Markets around Australia.


Develop a suite of packaging for the Goodness Bake range. Using an existing logo, build upon the provided colour palette, and develop a suite of packaging designed to cut through in an increasingly saturated Gluten Free market.


The colour blue was chosen as the primary brand colour. Colour psychology links blue to honesty & dependability, which are key attributes for a brand in the Gluten Free space.

A secondary palette of pastel hues compliments the blue, and allows easy recognition of the rest of the range.

The packaging utilises a lot of large window space to ensure maximum visibility of product.


The product range continues to expand, with new sweets range currently in production.