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Lado Soleado

Name development, brand positioning & custom illustration for a small batch tequila distillery.


Small Batch.
Hand Crafted.
High Quality.

Lado Soleado Tequila 
(Sunny Side Tequila)

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, Lado Soleado stands as a testament to the artistry, tradition, and passion that define the world of tequila. With a dedication to the creation of small batch spirits using 100% Blue Weber Agaves.

The name "Lado Soleado" itself translates to "Sunny Side," a reflection of the distillery's commitment to bringing warmth and joy to enthusiasts who seek exceptional tequila experiences.




Develop a branding suite for a small, high-end Tequila distillery influenced by Mexican tradition.


When developing the branding for Lado Soleado, the aim was to take a modern approach while still retaining a traditional and timeless look.

One of the main focal points in this project was Mexico's native flora and fauna and it's rich natural landscape. 

The primary colour palette of red, green and blue reference Mexico's bright, burning sun, it's luscious green landscapes and the oceans that surrounds its coasts.

The brand pairs hand drawn illustrations with rustic typefaces united by rough textures to achieve a handcrafted aesthetic that aligns with the distillery's ethos.