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NSW Wine

Social Media Marketing 

NSW Wine

NSW Wine is an industry association representing wine growers and wine makers across 16 wine regions in New South Wales. The association  acts as an advocate and conduit between industry, the state government and the 16 wine regions.

Distil was retained by NSW Wine to manage social media marketing in October 2021. The initial scope was a 1-year campaign with the objective to increase awareness around NSW’s wine regions as tourism destinations and to increase sales of wines produced in the state. 
The scope has since been extended.


To increase awareness about wine regions in NSW as tourism destinations.

To increase sales of wines produced in NSW.


- Social media management
- Digital advertising
- Graphic design
- Stakeholder management
- Competition management

A family of winemakers



NSW Wine had previously used all of its owned channels to communicate with members and the wine industry but in order to answer the brief, we had to shift the social media channels to focus on consumers. The aim was to create a platform where we could educate consumers about New South Wales' 16 wine regions and their wines, and inspire people to visit the regions. The challenge was to ensure the social media accounts added value to consumers across NSW and the country.

By identifying our key audiences and why NSW Wine would interest them, we created an initial 12-month content strategy. It was important that we covered all wine regions and educated people about varietals from the state while also keeping it convivial and inspiring.

While education and inspiration have been a key focus we have ensured to include more lighthearted elements such as competitions and pairings to ensure we add value to different audiences.



Over the past 20 months, we have achieved the following:

7,768 new social media followers
3.6 million total reach
5.7 million total impressions
7,281 competition entries
28,000 profile/ page views
24,898 post likes
9.94% engagement rate