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Social Media Competition Case Study

How we helped our client increase brand awareness and social media following with a social media competition

Social media competitions provide direct opportunities to build follower count, organic reach, brand visibility, and more. Strategy and outcome will differ venue-to-venue, but the main idea is to make the prize worthwhile and the entry process as easy to follow as possible to ensure a large number of submissions. The more competition entries; the more eyes on the brand!



To drive awareness about the reopening of venue and that the venue is now open for dinner.


To help drive awareness about the venue and dinner offering we launched a competition on social media – Michal’s Shout. The concept was simple – to thank the community for the support over the venue’s first month, Michal (venue manager) wanted to shout someone dinner and give away a $100 venue voucher.

To enter we asked people to follow the page and tag 3 x friends to bring to dinner if you win. This way, we had the opportunity to amplify both reach and engagement.

By naming the competition Michal’s Shout we were able to instantly create a more personal connection between entrants and the venue.

The competition ran for 10 days on Facebook and Instagram.




154 new followers
4,602 people reached
5,802 impressions

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