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Zeus Street Greek

Greek street food that makes people feel satisfied, nourished and happy in 30 restaurants across the country.



To increase awareness about Zeus Street Greek and strengthen the brand.


- Social media management
- Social media advertising
- Content creation
- Graphic design
- Competition management

"The happy man is the one with a pita in his hand"


Thales x ZSG


By utilising playful content, striking graphic design and humour with a touch of Greek philosophy, we've been able to build a strong brand identity on ZSG's social media channels. 

The content showcases the great food offering in a playful and engaging manner to ensure that the content cuts through the noise. We include people in order to create a connection between the brand and its audiences, showcasing the ZSG brand rather than just the offering.

Brand elements are often included to ensure brand recall and the graphic design is bold and eye-catching.


Since Distil took over the Zeus Street Greek social media management in October 2021, we've created a cohesive, strong brand identity on social media. The brand is easily recognisable, is fun and cuts through. We've built an engaged online community and loyal customer base.
We've seen a:

18% growth in followers

169% increase in engagement rate

195% increase in profile views

7,000+ competition entries

836% increase in website traffic

10,046% increase in ad clicks 

(222% budget increase)

Percentages are calculated from results in September 2021 vs August 2023. 

Sample Campaigns

We have run several social media campaigns to convey ZSG's story, with a strong emphasis on Greek food with a modern twist, made fresh with quality ingredients. This has successfully increased brand awareness and improved brand equity, reaching audiences who are looking for nourishing food and various dietary needs.

We ran a Health Campaign in January-February, with the objective to amplify the awareness of Zeus Street Greek's healthier dishes, and positioning the brand as providers of 'Fresh, Fast and Delicious' dishes.

The Good Food Good Health campaign followed with similar messaging, but focusing more on the fun aspects of the brand, using humour and cheeky messaging while also educating people about Greek cuisine as the go-to cuisine when making healthier choices. E.g., 'Like Burgers But Better' and 'When You Want A Sandwich But Not A Sandwich.' 

In March 2023, Zeus Street Greek collaborated with 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods'.

The prizes were —$10k Holiday Vouchers to holiday like a God in Greece, 25 x Double Movie Passes to see Shazam! Fury of the Gods, 10 x sets of 10 Shazam! pop figurines, and delicious ZSG dishes to fuel up like a Superhero!

We created graphics for the website, print, banners, and social media. The campaigns on socials and generated:

120,000+ views on Instagram Reels
73.8% increase in Instagram engagement
76,907 clicks via TikTok ads