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Aysha Goodwin

Aysha Goodwin
With over seven years of dedicated experience in the hospitality industry, Aysha has cultivated a passion for the realm of food and beverage. Her professional journey has taken her to some of the top retreats and restaurants in the Blue Mountains area. It was during this time that Aysha had an epiphany, realising her desire to transition into a world of hospitality marketing. Armed with first-hand experience in the hospitality industry, Aysha possesses the ability to understand and deliver on the clients’ needs in a social perspective.
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No Standing (DI)STIL x One Foot Forward

October 12, 2023 / Aysha Goodwin  >

For October 2023, we at Distil are proud to be taking part in the One Foot Forward initiative. We walk in solidarity with those who have experienced mental health challenges. Our mission is to walk 850km to raise $1000 as every $65 donated will help train community presenters to reach 179 school students to talk about mental health and how to get support.