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Creative marketing for food, beverage & brands 

Founded in 2013, Distil Agency (formerly Sydney Design Social) was one of the first studios in Sydney to specialise in design & social media within the hospitality space. 

We have evolved over this time and had the pleasure of working with a variety of industries - but hospitality remains the core of our spirit. 
Our team are lovers of all things food, drinks and lifestyle, and look forward to help bring your brand to life! 

Distil Director Naomi Ross
Naomi Ross


Distil Senior Social Media Manager Jessica Spork
Jessica Spork

Senior Social Media Manager

Gareth Duncan

Food, Beverage & Brands

Distil Graphic Designer Damien Quinn
Damien Quinn

Senior Graphic Designer

Distil Graphic Designer Shauna Carey
Shauna Carey

Graphic Designer

Sydney Graphic Designer Maddie Wilson
Maddie Wilson

Graphic Designer

Distil Graphic Designer Grace McCloskey
Grace McCloskey

Graphic Designer

Distil Social Media Manager Statler Willand
Statler Willand

Social Media Manager

Abby Tarkunde

Social Media Co-ordinator

Rosemary Lilburne-Fini

Social Media Co-ordinator

BD Woof & Finn
BD Woof & Fin

Head of Barketing

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