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SDS x The PR Pod: Instagram vs Facebook

SDS x The PR Pod: Instagram vs Facebook

November 30, 2020 / Judy Seto

Naomi Ross from Sydney Design Social sits down with Brooke Burns of The PR Pod to discuss Instagram vs Facebook. How do they differ from each other, and which is better for your business? Tune in to this podcast episode to find out more!

The PR Pod is the essential podcast for budding PR professionals. Host Brooke Burns has nearly 20 years of PR experience, working alongside Network Ten and leading hospitality group Merivale. She has also had her own hospitality PR agency, Savannah PR, since 2013. 

Sydney Design Social has collaborated with Savannah PR over the years, and we're honoured to be featured on her podcast with SDS Director Naomi Ross!

Naomi has over fifteen years experience in graphic design and adds concept development, social media strategy and branding to her repertoire for a fully integrated approach to digital marketing.


Instagram vs Facebook: Which is better for your business?

As of 2019, 3.5 billion people use social media on a daily basis and the usage is continuing to increase. Many businesses turn to two of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, as an effective and cost-efficient tool to target new and current customers. Regardless of industry, social media has proven to be a very important aspect in marketing.

In this podcast, Naomi and Brooke discuss how Facebook and Instagram differ from each other, and whether it's worth using both for your business.


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