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2019 Social Media Platforms for Dummies

Social Media Platforms for Dummies

July 24, 2019 / Eleanor Stewart

This one's for those of you out there that know the general gist of Social Media but want a bit more understanding of the concept without being overwhelmed with endless information, long-winded explanations and unnecessary technical jargon. 

Let's start with the seemingly obvious questions; 

What is Social Media? In a nutshell, Social Media is a way for people to communicate and interact online. 
Yep, that's it, it's simply online communication.

Why is it called Social Media? It’s called Social Media because users engage with (and around) it in a social context, which can include conversations, commentary, and other user-generated annotations and engagement interactions.

What are the best Social Media platforms to utilise for my business? This one isn't so easy to answer as it's completely dependent on the type of business you're wanting to promote. In our experience, Facebook and Instagram are better for hospitality and major brands (e.g. Campari and Nike) whereas LinkedIn is a top ticket within the corporate industry. 

Why would I use Social Media to market my hospitality business? Social Media platforms are BY FAR the top marketing channels for hospitality businesses to connect with new and regular customers without forking out a tonne of money. Having an up-to-date social media presence increases exposure, opens communication channels with customers, encourages content engagement and also provides easy access to important business information. 

What are the best Social Media platforms to use? In the last 10 years we’ve seen a surge in the number (and popularity) of Social Media sites. Existing Social Media platforms are constantly developing to suit user needs and requirements and brand-new Social Media platforms are frequently popping up to fill gaps in the market. From MySpace, to Bebo, to Facebook - we've come a long way in Social Media platform design and performance.

Check out our infographic below that outlines the top 2019 Social Media platforms and some interesting facts about each! 


Still not completely sure about Social Media marketing and have a few more unanswered, lingering questions? Or perhaps you know the deal and want to chat about we can help you and your business? Get in touch with us today and we'll take care of it! 

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