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Content Trends of 2021

Content Trends of 2021

March 10, 2021 / Judy Seto

We all know how rapidly social media trends come and go, so let's delve right in to the top trends of the moment. 

Live Streams & Webinars Reign Supreme

Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, the prevalence of video content is likely to stick around for the foreseeable future. Livestreams & webinars have exploded in popularity, and we will continue to see this grow. Even as Australia starts to see the light at the end of the Corona tunnel, live stream events have highlighted how technology can enable more accessibility to events, concerts, meetings, classes & more. 

Video communicates information quickly, and safely when it comes to concerns of international quarantine. It also allows for a wider range of people to consume this content and be 'present' for the event. Whether it's someone affected by health issues or disabilities that make it harder to go in person, or someone who has a million things on their to-do list, video-based events are here to help make life a little smoother.


TikTok Trends: Australia & New Zealand

Following on from the popularity of video content, TikTok is no stranger to this trend. They have well and truly made their mark on the social media landscape with 689 million users every month, worldwide.

TikTok has released their trend report for you to discover what's next in this fast-growing platform. Click here to download the report, and see the most popular content categories & top hashtags in Australia & New Zealand.


Clubhouse: A Game-changer for Audio Content

You've probably heard murmurs of a mysterious new app called Clubhouse, but before you sigh at the idea of joining yet another social media platform - you should be so lucky. Clubhouse is currently an invite-only community, giving it an ultra exclusive aura. Plus, it's not even available on Android yet! The developers have said they don't intend for Clubhouse to be exclusive, but the initial launch has had to be invite-only due to their small team. Once they move from beta, expect to see a public release of this voice-only social media and get ready to jump in and out of live podcasts.

Just like how Instagram Stories was 'inspired' by Snapchat Stories, we're sure to see some Clubhouse clones soon. Podcasts have been popular for a good number of years now, but Clubhouse may have just kick-started an entirely new way to experience them. 


Community is Key

More than ever before, people have turned to social media to feel a sense of community. Online interactions play a huge role in helping people feel connected while the global pandemic continues to impose limitations on us, internationally and even interstate. 

Making people feel valued will be a key trend to pay attention to. Building an engaged community can be a slow and steady process, so start with the basics:

  • Keep the communication open: listen to your audience, and respond accordingly. Whether it's responding to reviews, engaging with user generated content, or asking for feedback on what users want to see more/less of - be sure to really listen.

  • Give back: provide your community lots of value, and they will stay loyal. Ask what they want to see, shine a spotlight on them and share the love, give them information, resources & goodies. An easy way to give back is to host a giveaway - read our 5 Pro Tips to Run a Social Media Competition.

  • Be honest: people are looking for transparency and authenticity in the brands they choose to follow. If your audience is being level-headed and reasonable in their complaints, take the opportunity address the issues rather than deleting or ignoring.

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