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Free Instagram Stories Templates

Free Instagram Stories Templates

March 20, 2019 / Shauna Carey

Ready to take your business to the next level this year? If you're not already using Instagram Stories as a key marketing tool, now's the time to start!

Instagram Stories have over 400 million daily users, that's more than double Snapchat's 191 million daily users. As one of the fastest growing platforms ever, there are high numbers of potential engagements and leads within your reach. 

You can now make your content even more discoverable with location and hashtag stickers. These are searchable by users and could land you on the coveted Explore page, where featured content gets tons of exposure leading to likes, comments and follows. 

We've curated five examples, with a focus on hospitality targets in our downloadable pack to help you maximise your presence on this social media platform. Before you hit the download link, you will need to have access to Adobe Photoshop to customise your templates to suit your businesses marketing goals. 


How to Use Your Free Instagram Templates

To insert your images:

  1. Double-click on the paper icon in the bottom right corner on the “Replace Me” layer.Instructions on how to use and customise free Instagram templates
  2. A new tab window will pop up > drag and drop your image in here and resize Instructions on how to use and customise free Instagram templates
  3. Go to file to “SAVE” and your image will be automatically saved over the layer on the template file or hold down to “command + S”

To update the text:

  1. Download and install the these two fonts, Raleway and Helvetica Neue LT STD 75 Outline
  2. Select the text layers you would like to change, editable text layers have the 'T' symbol. You are welcome to also use your own fonts and colours. Keep in mind the visibility of your text over the top of your images. 

Remember to replace instances of 'your logo here' with your business logo.

Download Instagram Stories Template

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