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 Agency Life: The Hospitality Niche with Naomi Ross

Agency Life: The Hospitality Niche with Naomi Ross

December 12, 2022 / Naomi Ross

In this podcast, Clodagh Higgins from Agency Life and Naomi Ross from Distil discuss Hospitality Marketing, opening a Pub, and 2022 marketing trends.

On this episode of Agency Life we talk with Naomi Ross. Naomi is the owner of Distil Agency, which specializes in the hospitality sector by doing creative marketing for food, beverage and brands. Naomi is also the co-founder of her own pub, The Carrington, in Surry Hills. 

In this episode, we talk about Naomi’s experience in the hospitality industry and the differences and similarities between the pub and agency world, their journey through the pandemic and impact of lockdowns on the two industries, what trends she’s seeing going forward, her thoughts on the hospitality industry utilizing Web 3.0, and the valuable lessons Naomi wished she knew starting out. 

This Podcast is brought to you by Growit Group and produced in collaboration with Circle Audio.


What's discussed in this episode?

  • What is super specific about your niche and what makes you stand out in it?


  • How did the lockdowns change the business of hospitality marketing? What did you do to stay on top of things?


  • What trends in terms of social media have you seen in hospitality marketing in the past few years?

  • What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned about running a business that you wish someone had told you when you were starting?


  • Is there something you are learning about now as a pub owner about the hospitality industry?

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