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5 Reasons Why Your Venue Needs A QR Code Digital Menu

5 Reasons Why Your Venue Needs A QR Code Digital Menu

October 15, 2021 / Hollie Wornes

There are a few things we all became very familiar with throughout the pandemic and QR codes are one of them! While these barcodes have caused us all some sort of frustration at times, the positives of having a QR code digital menu for your venue outweigh the negatives. Here are 5 reasons why your venue should be using them! 

1. Time and cost-effective

There is nothing worse than printing off a whole new set of menus only to realise there is a big fat spelling mistake on the front page. That is the great thing about using QR code digital menus as they allow for quick changes and flexibility. 

You are able to make menu updates (like that spelling mistake) easily in the back-end which is instantly reflected on the digital menu.  

Not only does this save plenty of time as you don’t have to wait for the printing and the new menus to be delivered but it also saves you money.

Gone are the days where you have wasted precious time and cash on hard-copy menus that could never be used. 

2. Hygenic 


With venues now having to ensure a safe dining environment, digital menus are much more hygienic than single-use menus. Whilst they are called ‘single-use’ menus these can often end up anywhere and easily passed amongst groups.  

While the act of passing a menu might seem harmless it could potentially be a super-germ spreader. Having a menu that is accessible on a customer's phone ensures that the customer is comfortable and can enhance their customer experience.  

Not to mention, printing off single-use menus weekly to meet the health and safety requirements can become awfully expensive.  

3. Your competitors are using them 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to step up your game as it's likely your competitors are one step ahead! Bitly, a link management service, said they’ve seen a 750% increase in QR code downloads over the last 18 months.  

Venues across the globe have realised just how valuable technology is, beyond facilitating touchless service. 

4. Marketing opportunity 

A QR code digital menu is also a great marketing opportunity. A digital menu allows you to add links to your social media pages which is easily accessible for your customers and can increase your following and engagement.

A digital menu also drives website traffic and increases the audience size available for your retargeting ads.

Finally, the landing page allows you to add information about upcoming events or specials which ultimately, may prompt your customers to return as they are now aware of an upcoming event that is of interest to them. 

5. Good for the environment  

Lastly yet most importantly, QR code digital menus contribute to the reduction of paper consumption which is a huge plus for our environment! 

With packaging and paper waste being one of the hospitality industries' largest environmental impacts, small switches you make to your business like eliminating single-use menus will result in big, positive change. 


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