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5 Reasons Why Your Website Design & Build Are Important

5 Reasons Why Your Website Design & Build Are Important

September 17, 2021 / Hollie Wornes

As you look at designing and building a website there are many different things to consider. Not only do you need to consider what impact it has on your customers but it’s important that you consider how it can help your business.  Let’s look at five reasons why it’s so important to design a good website that is suitable for your business!  

1. Your website sets the first impression

Your website may be the first point of contact your customers have with your business. In these first few seconds, you want to have a positive impact to ensure they remain on your page and learn more rather than turning to a competitor. If it looks unappealing or is hard to navigate, you’ll miss out on potential leads. A good website design helps to keep leads on your page.  

2. Your website design should be an accurate reflection of your brand  

Think of your website as a polished version of your style guide. Your website should reflect what your customer should expect to see and feel in the venue. You must consider web fonts, images, an effective colour scheme and a clean design. 

For example, when we look at this café located in Pyrmont, from the first glance at the landing page we know what food they serve, how the venue will feel from the chosen colour scheme, and they’ve also selected a nice, clean design which ensures the viewers focus is on the value of the brand. 

Cafe in Pyrmont website design

Having a website that mirrors your business also means that no matter how your customers experience your brand (be it through a screen or in the venue,) they’re experiencing the same brand traits.  

3. A good website aids your SEO strategy  

Many web design elements influence how you publish content on your website. This can often affect how search engines index your website.  

This is one thing you do not want to get wrong. If your SEO fundamentals are not up to scratch, you’ll be fighting for website visibility from the get-go. If this is an area that you are unfamiliar with, we recommend using a company that is familiar with your industry, if you’re a restaurant that may be a company that specialises in restaurant design, to ensure your website is SEO friendly. 

4. Your website sets the tone for customer service  

By looking and reading through your website, your audience can gauge a feel for how you will treat them. Your design should provide insight into the level of service they should expect to receive.  

For example, when we look at the landing page of Moore Park View Hotel, a pub located in Waterloo, from the language and the choice of images, a customer can expect a friendly, casual level of service.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 4.31.54 pm

If you don’t put effort into your website design, your customers may also assume that you won’t put effort into them. An outdated, unappealing site makes your business appear cold and uninviting. People don’t want to check out a venue that doesn’t value them enough to make a good first impression. 

 5. A good website design allows you to track your business  

Having a good website build means you can find out just as much about your customers as they can find out about you. 

By installing a simple tool such as Google Analytics you are able to monitor traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. These valuable insights into why customers come to, stay on and leave your website can help you perfect marketing strategies and adjust engagement techniques to maximize results.  

Designing and building a website is a very important part of your business. A good website has a positive impact on your customers but also your business as a whole.



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