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COVID Safe Check-in Apps

COVID Safe Check-in Apps

August 12, 2020 / Jessica Spork

As part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Safety plan, mandatory to all hospitality businesses, venues must record contact details of everyone entering the venue.

Details must be recorded electronically and if you choose to use the ol’ school pen and paper method, you have 24 hours to enter the details; stored confidentially; and kept for minimum 28 days.

Sounds pretty tedious doesn’t it? Well, thanks to technology and some great companies out there, the process can be both efficient and cheap (or free).
We've listed a handful of the options available for Australian businesses.

Guest HQ


  • Easy to register
  • QR code
  • 14-day free trial after that $14.99/ $19.99 per month

Guest Check


  • Easy to register
  • QR code or SMS to specific venue code
  • $100 once off payment for a limited plan or $0.30 per guest check in for express plan

My Guestlist


  • Easy to register
  • QR code, use a URL or send a SMS to check-in
  • Second QR code can be used for patrons to record departure time
  • Marketing opt-ins available can be accessed in account
  • Free



  • Easy to register
  • QR code and unique URL
  • Marketing opt-ins only available for TalkBox customers (downside of it being free)
  • Free

Mondo CheckIn


  • Easy to register
  • QR code
  • Free
  • Only $10 per month, per additional venue
  • Customisable fields

Your Own Website

  • Free
  • Custom branding


Whilst some of the specifically designed apps/platforms do have a small fee attached, the benefit of using one is that most of them include daily check-in reports, are compliant with government legislation and use a high level of data security. In addition, it requires minimal effort from the venue (saving much valued time) and in-venue material is provided.

On the other hand, using your own website to create a form is free, allows custom branding and the option of adding extra fields.

Whether you’re using an app, your existing CRM or a contact form on your website, let’s continue to keep Sydney siders safe, whilst quenching their thirst!

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