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Design Asset Checklist for Events

Design Asset Checklist for Events

November 4, 2020 / Maddie Wilson

You've put so much work into planning an amazing event - time to let people know about it! We've compiled a list of effective design assets to include when announcing your big event, including a free downloadable, interactive checklist!

Facebook Event Cover


Facebook event cover designed for The Bank Hotel by Sydney Design Social


Creating a Facebook event is one of the best ways to let people know about an event you're hosting. You can easily share all the important information on one page and invite people to attend. By using an event cover you can further generate excitement and visually communicate what the event will entail. If you're using graphics such as a promotional poster, this event cover should use consistent graphics also. If you don't have the option to use event graphics, relevant photography is also a suitable alternative.


Social Media Posts


Social media posts designed for Rooftop Recovery Sessions at Kings Cross Hotel by Sydney Design Social


Designing social media posts to promote your event provides you with great content to share with your followers, or boost for others to see. Social media posts are generally shared across Instagram and Facebook as posts and stories. You could use static jpgs, or might like to create engaging animations or videos!




Halloween EDM gif designed for Goros by Sydney Design Social


If you have a mailing list, use it to let your audience know when special events are taking place! Include visuals to make the EDM engaging, as well as important info like place, time and date. It's best to keep EDMs short and sweet, but you can add a button the audience can click through to RSVP, get more info or stay up to date on announcements.




Poster designed for a margarita event at The Bank Hotel by Sydney Design Social


Posters are an excellent way of making people notice an event in the real world. With the right graphics and copy, they can act as the face of the event, get people excited to attend and be very memorable. If you create an overarching poster design, this can be resized into many different assets to promote your event, including everything listed in this blog!


Menu Inserts


Menu insert designed for an Aperol event at The Golden Sheaf by Sydney Design Social


If there's menus around, maximise their use by creating menu inserts that sit inside of them! This is a wonderfully efficient and relevant way to make patrons aware of upcoming events if you have a hospitality venue. Standard sizes include A5 and DL configurations, however you can do whatever suits the venue best!




Trivia invitation designed for The Golden Sheaf by Sydney Design Social


Invitations can be an amusing way to make people aware of your event and generate excitement. While inviting people to a Facebook event is a great option, there are circumstances where a printed invitation may be more relevant (such as if your target audience is an older generation without social media). Keep your invites in-venue to give to customers, or you could send them out to members and VIPs - it doesn't matter how you do it so long as you're welcoming people in!




'Melbourne Cup Survival Kit' bag designed for Opera Bar by Sydney Design Social


A fun way of really pushing your event to the next level might be creating some merch in line with the experience! From stickers and stubby holders to hats and key-rings, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative and design merchandise which will remind event-goers of their experience long after the day is done.


Click below to download the free, interactive checklist to ensure you're promoting your event with as many relevant design assets as possible.

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Design Asset Checklist

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