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Customers take control with Facebook Groups

Customers Take Control with Facebook Groups

November 8, 2018 / Sydney Design Social

Learn about Facebook Groups and whether they are worth exploring for your next digital marketing campaign! 

Avid foodies are joining dedicated Facebook Groups in an effort to scour their cities for the best of the best food that’s on offer. Such groups have created a new and exciting opportunity in the digital space, giving marketers an opportunity to connect with eager customers who’ve already expressed an interest in their products.

Facebook Groups 

Some facebook groups consist of 150,000+ members with users sharing their experiences and recommending their favourite venues daily. Some have created ranking systems for autonomous reviews and most, such as the Fried Chicken Appreciation Society (FCAS), Fatties Burger Appreciation Society (FBAS) and Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society (HSPAS), will allow representatives from relevant venues to post special offers and discounts for their members.

fried chicken appreciation society group facebook chicken peices in a basket

Smart marketers and venue owners are starting to become group members, giving them the opportunity to receive live feedback on their products and services. They can create brand personality and improve brand image by commenting and posting to customers directly and by doing so, are receiving more exposure and engagement from potential and existing customers. 

So how do you penetrate these tight-knit groups and leverage their database while maintaining brand integrity and not spamming what is ultimately, a user generated experience?

Know Your Audience

halal snack pack appreciation society sydney group facebook

Most of these groups are very specific, so it’s easy to identify which may be relevant to you and your product. However, take the time to learn the lingo and the landscape. These groups are normally private and while the same Facebook community standards apply, there is a higher instance of trolling and abuse. For example, mention pineapple on anything in HSPAS and you’re likely to get 100 notifications from people who have replied to you with “HARAM”. Only post an offer in these groups if it’s relevant and if you’re sure that the demographic is correct for your business.

Handy Hint: Always request permission from an admin before posting any offers/discounts to avoid it being deleted and being banned from the group.

Get Creative

fatties burger appreciation society facebook group burger holding phone and fries

Offer $2 off a burger in FBAS and you’re likely to get laughed out of the group. A post in a group is FREE and has the potential to reach tens of thousands of people and increase foot traffic in-venue as well as brand awareness. Show off your brand and relevance to your audience with a hack or secret offer that’s only available to members. Offers such as “Mention this post to receive a free patty” or “Show us you’re a member for free fries with any burger” are sure to gain more traction than offering a % or $ amount off.

By creating a unique offer versus sharing one that’s available to the public, you’re also able to track results and assess whether this a relevant channel for your marketing and advertising. 

Be Accountable

Many businesses are called into question in these groups for not delivering what’s deemed an acceptable customer experience after posting an offer. Whether a staff member wasn’t aware, the product wasn’t up-to-scratch or an offer wasn’t transparent (try to limit your T&Cs), these are all grounds for potential bad reviews. Not all publicity is good publicity and while your brand can reach tens of thousands of people, so can bad reviews. Make sure all your staff are briefed on any offers that have been made available and that the quality of your service and product are up to the standard that’s expected from members of these groups.

1/5 Pickles… what now?

So you’re scrolling through FBAS and you see you’ve received a 1 Pickle rating (burgers are rated 1-5 in this group with a “5” deemed a unicorn). What do you do? Unlike reviews on Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor, you’re representing your brand as an individual instead of behind a page or profile. This gives you an opportunity to humanise your brand, by interacting with unsatisfied customers to address any complaints and propose solutions, creating goodwill not only with the individual but others watching the comments unfold. These conversations should be kept informal – remember, you’re a member of a community now, not a robot! 

Note:  We’d recommend that only high level managers and owners engage with negative reviews and members of these communities!

Is this for me?

Still unsure about whether Facebook Group Marketing should be added to your digital strategy? Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Is my product relevant to the potential audience?
  • Could this harm my brands integrity?
  • Do I have the resources for community management in groups?

For any further info on Facebook Group Marketing,  get in touch today!

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