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Buying a Cheap Logo: Pros & Cons

Buying a Cheap Logo: Pros & Cons

December 16, 2020 / Maddie Wilson

There are many platforms on the internet now which offer exceptionally cheap logos that you can buy instantly. While cheap and fast logos may sound appealing, we explore the pros and cons of doing this versus investing in getting a logo professionally designed.


Pros of Buying a Cheap Logo

  • Budget

Buying a cheap logo may be a useful avenue for anyone with little to no budget to work with. It can be a favourable option for small community groups or not-for-profits, as having a cheap logo is better than no logo at all.

  • Time

If you are very short on time, buying a cheap, instant logo is an option that's there if you need. While the quality may be compromised by not allowing enough time for a logo design, buying a cheap logo will still assist you in getting your brand up-and-running.

Cons of Buying a Cheap Logo

  • Not unique to your brand

Many cheap logo designs get reused for other brands, so the design may not be unique to your brand. One of the main qualities of a good logo is for people to instantly associate it with your brand, so ensuring your logo is unique and memorable should be a priority.

  • Your logo is the face of your entire business

Consumers judge a brand in milliseconds, and this judgement is determined by how the brand looks. If your branding doesn't stand out and cut through the market to reach consumers, what you have to offer won't either (no matter how good it actually is)!

  • You may want to change it later

Design professionals spend years mastering the process of creating effective and durable logo designs. If you buy a cheap logo or try to do it yourself, the logo likely won't have the consideration behind it ensure it stands the test of time. Changing your logo once the business has launched can be problematic and confusing for consumers, so you ideally want to nail the branding and be happy with it well before launching.

  • A range of logo options won't be explored

When you invest in a customised logo from a graphic designer or agency, a range of logo options will be explored throughout the design iteration process. These will be narrowed down by the designers, before working out what the best fit for the brand may be. When buying a cheap logo, you won't have these different logo designs explored to this extent for your brand.

  • The future of the brand is not being invested in

Buying a cheap logo may not be a great business decision for brands with the goal of achieving considerable growth, particularly on a global scale. The larger the market is that you are trying to enter, the more you should consider investing in professional branding to ensure your brand stands out from everyone else.

  •  Your brand will look less professional

Buying a cheap logo or trying to do it yourself risks your brand looking unprofessional. If your brand looks unprofessional, it will convey to customers that your offerings are also unprofessional and can deter them from trusting you as a legitimate business.




What to expect when looking to get a logo designed



Buying a cheap logo is a useful option that is readily available for brands that are short on budget or time. However, some of the cons to this are definitely something that require thought and consideration, particularly if you want to grow the brand to a large scale. 

Regardless of what you decide is the best avenue for your brand, rest assured knowing you are on the right track by doing your research and considering the pros and cons we have listed in this blog!



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