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Supporting Sydney Venues with Meal Kits

Supporting Sydney Venues with Meal Kits

May 14, 2020 / Judy Seto

Want to cook using fresh ingredients, but don't have the willpower to go grocery shopping? We know the feeling. Sydney's best restaurants are offering meal kits for you to cook their signature dishes at home.

As we mentioned in our blog How Venues Can Adapt to Turbulence, the hospitality industry is rapidly re-inventing itself to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Venues are branching out to offer takeaway alcohol, sell gift vouchers, and other out-of-the-box methods to stay afloat. Apart from food delivery & pick-up, another source of revenue that has popped up is selling meal kits

The Demand for Meal Kits

Rather than a heat-and-eat meal, these kits provide the customer with a recipe, fresh produce, and sometimes a pre-prepared element - such as a sauce or spice mix. Customers are able to cook up a signature dish and enjoy a freshly prepared and piping hot meal just as it would taste if they were able to dine-in.

This initiative is another way for customers to help support the hospitality industry, and perhaps even pick up a few cooking skills. We've rounded up a few delicious looking options below.

Best Meal Kits From Sydney Venues

Chaco Ramen

Ramen is a prime example of a meal that would not taste that great if it were delivered to your home. Avoid lukewarm broth & soggy noodles with Chaco Ramen's self cook packs. This Surry Hills favourite is selling all the ingredients you need, in frozen vacuum sealed packs for you to cook and assemble at home!




Paying $6 delivery for a $6 drink? The struggle is real. Tealive launched in Australia just 2 years ago, but has over 150 locations in Malaysia. The #MyBubbleTeaKit has been launched in both countries, with ingredients to make 25 servings, including recipes to 13 of their teas.





Prince of York

This CBD wine bar has 4 cook at home packs, including a Steak Dianne Dinner and Pasta Date Night. Chef Adrian Jankuloski even has a few demos on their IGTV for you to cook along. They are also offering a selection of freshly made pasta and pre-made sauces for individual purchase on their website.




Panama House

Central American cuisine, now available to cook and enjoy at your home. Panama House is offering 4 meal kits including dishes that involve tacos, sirloin, barramundi and cauliflower - there's something for everyone!




Kyoto at Home

Created by the crew over at Motto Motto and Sono, Kyoto at Home is designed to be Australia’s first premium at home Japanese meal brand. The range of curries and ramens are delivered to your door in sleek packaging, ready to prepared for a freshly made meal. Unfortunately they only ship to Brisbane metro at the moment, but we're hoping it hops down to NSW just as Motto Motto restaurants did!



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