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Navigating AI in Social Media Marketing: The Dos and Don'ts

Navigating AI in Social Media Marketing: The Dos and Don'ts

October 11, 2023 / Abby Tarkunde

This blog was initially drafted by AI. But without the efforts of our social media manager, it wouldn't be nearly as effective!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers marketers powerful tools for enhancing campaigns, understanding audiences, and improving engagement. But without a human steering the ship, things could start sinking really fast. 

AI in social media marketing comes with its own set of dos and don'ts. In this blog post, we'll explore the key considerations for leveraging AI effectively while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The Dos of AI in Social Media Marketing: 

1. Content

Do: Personalise Content

AI enables you to deliver highly personalised content to your audience. Tailor messages, recommendations, and advertisements based on individual user behaviour and preferences. Personalisation enhances engagement and conversion rates.

Don't: Rely Solely on AI for Strategy

AI can provide valuable insights, but it shouldn't replace your overall marketing strategy. Use AI as a tool to support your strategic decisions. 

Remember, there are certain elements of writing and content creation that AI will not be able to offer. With social media marketing trends shifting more and more toward authentic and genuine content, brands should always have a human behind the screens.

2. Automation

Do: Automate Routine Tasks

Let AI handle repetitive tasks such as content scheduling, responding to common queries, and data analysis. This frees up your team's time for strategic thinking and creative endeavours.

Don't: Be Overly Automated

While automation can be efficient, don't over-automate your social media tasks. Maintain a human touch and intervene when personal interaction is needed.

There will often be some major social media updates that may disrupt the way your AI does things for you. Always stay on top of technology to avoid errors.

3. Advertising

Do: Optimise Advertising

AI-driven advertising platforms, like Facebook's automated ad bidding, can improve ad performance. Let AI algorithms adjust your campaigns in real-time to maximise your budget and reach.

Don't: Forget to Monitor AI Outputs

AI isn't infallible. Regularly review and monitor AI-generated content and responses to ensure they align with your brand's voice and values.

At the end of the day, your advertising is directed to humans. And humans have been, and always will be, better at reaching other humans!

4. Customer Support and Community Management

Do: Use Chatbots for Customer Support

Chatbots powered by AI can provide 24/7 customer support, answering frequently asked questions and routing more complex queries to human agents. They enhance user experience and save time.

Don't: Ignore the Human Element:

Customer support is inherently about human connection. Maintain authentic and meaningful interactions with your audience, even as you leverage AI. 

AI will not be able to support your customer through complex queries. This is especially important when dealing with negative feedback and complaints, as the last thing you would want is to make your customer feel unheard. Similar to when you contact customer care for your tech and expect a human to answer your questions, your customers will expect the same level of support from you or your social media manager.

5. Monitoring sentiments

Do: Monitor Social Sentiment

AI tools can scan social media for mentions of your brand or products. Use sentiment analysis to gauge public opinion and respond promptly to both positive and negative comments.

Don't: Invade Privacy

Be cautious about collecting and using personal data. Always respect user privacy and adhere to data protection regulations.

Always add a privacy statement to your business' website if you collect customer data, and don't misuse the data you have. "With great power comes great responsibility," a Spider-Man quote AI wouldn't completely understand or love, like we do!

6. Insights

Do: Embrace Data-Driven Insights

AI can analyse vast amounts of data in real-time. Utilise AI-powered analytics to gain deep insights into your audience's behaviour, preferences, and trends. This knowledge is invaluable for crafting targeted content and campaigns.

Don't: Neglect Creative Content

AI can suggest content ideas, but it can't replace human creativity. Don't rely solely on AI to generate content; continue to produce original and engaging material.


By following the dos and don'ts outlined in this blog post, you can harness AI to enhance your social media campaigns, engage your audience effectively, and stay ahead of the competition.

Remember that AI is a tool to amplify your efforts, but the heart of social media marketing remains the authentic connections you build with your audience.

Balancing technology and humanity is the key to success in this rapidly evolving field.
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